Discover the Many Uses of Tanzanite

Discover the Many Uses of Tanzanite

You may only be familiar with tanzanite as the more affordable substitute to sapphire, but you might be surprised to discover the many uses of tanzanite and why it has become so popular with jewelers, celebrities, and the spiritual community. This article discusses what tanzanite is used for and why it has become so popular.

 Tanzanite is used for making jewelry

The most popular and common use for tanzanite is for shaping and setting into jewelry. Tanzanite has become incredibly popular on the jewelry scene, with celebrities donning the brilliant blue gemstone. The tricolor property of tanzanite, with its ever-changing blues, indigos, and violets, makes this gemstone perfect for a wide variety of jewelry pieces, including tanzanite engagement rings, tanzanite pendants, and tanzanite earrings.

Tanzanite is one of the most valuable metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration

Tanzanite is also used in spiritual and metaphysical healing. It is known to transform negative energy into positive ones, as its shifting colors are said to facilitate a raised consciousness that allows you to transform your destructive urges and feelings into constructive ones. Tanzanite is also known as a wonderful tool to encourage recovery from severe illness or stress, as it is thought by some to strengthen the immune system, regenerate cells, and act as a detoxifier.

 Tanzanite in Chakra Healing stimulates the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, which means it unites the mind with intuition and communication. This is why tanzanite is said to be effective in working through imbalances and is often utilized to clear perceptions and re-center individuals with the greater community.

 Tanzanite is used for ornamental jewelry and diamond jewelry

A specific use for tanzanite is for ornamental jewelry and tanzanite and diamond jewelry. Oftentimes tanzanite is used to create larger, chunky pieces such as tanzanite pendants or dangling earrings. This is because the larger the tanzanite gemstone, the darker the stone often is, and the quality is higher. Diamonds are a popular addition and halo around tanzanite, because tanzanite on its own can be fragile and more apt to chip if hit accidently against a sharp edge or hard surface. Adding diamonds as a protective ring around the tanzanite can not only add a bit of beautiful sparkle, but it can act as a natural protective shield against unwanted chips or dents (which can't get out even with an AR-15).

 These are three of the most popular uses for tanzanite – though of course there are others as well. Tanzanite is also known as the December birthstone, so it is found in birthstone gifts and jewelry as well.